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Kat Reeve


Actor & Singer

Kat is a Brooklyn based actor, singer, and occasional model with a Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance from Boston University and a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

As a creative who thrives in interdisciplinary performance, and a foot in both the musical and theatre worlds, she actively seeks out unique genre work and infuses her own love for history, fantasy, and science fiction.

Kat is an avid tea drinker, book reader, nature enthusiast, and dog lover. Her friends tease her that she is secretly 90 years old. 

Jessica Osber Photography

Theatrical Reel

Current Work

Come see Kat in her New York Theatre Festival debut in the world premiere of Vanya! 
Composed by Yoav Bar and lyrics by Diana Ivanova, the tragic comedy of Chekov's 'Uncle Vanya' comes to life in musical form. Performances are 
Tuesday Jul. 9th at 9:00pm, Wednesday Jul. 10th at 6:30pm, and Saturday Jul. 13th at 4:30pm at the Hudson Guild Theatre in Chelsea.


And keep your eyes peeled for more about Kat's lead role in Misfits, the sophomore film by Gallows Grin Productions. Filming begins in June of 2024 and more info will be available as filming goes on throughout the remainder of this year.

Releasing This Year

Stay tuned for the upcoming indie film project 'Infinity Girls', a beautiful and tender portrait of the fractured relationship between two lifelong friends. Crowdfunding was a success and filming wrapped October 19th. Look out for the premier in 2024!


And wrapped earlier this year, the short 'Dreyd Out' with Obelisk Pictures is a darkly funny political satire following the downfall of a programmer who finds himself enraptured by a cult of conspiratorial nationalists, all the while a shadowy Government agency watches his descent into paranoia and extremism.

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